Guns or People ?

ok so this happened about 8 hours ago…at lunch. I stayed inside the class room to make up a math test. inside were pretty much the usual kids who stay inside during lunch. I used to stay in a lot …..cuz I knew “he” stayed in. I haven’t inna while but he was there yet again. I decided to stay in the whole lunch cuz college is off spring break and everywhere for lunch would be packed… ANYWAYS I have NO idea how the subject came up…oh wait yes I do….a couple of my friends were talking about grades (lets call them alex dez and zoey) so zoey was teling alex all about how dez has all A’s and that she gets good grades cuz she whats to be a marine. now at this point the (particularly cute) guy to me left (lets call him steven ❤ ) makes a joke about how marines don’t need to be smart (please don’t take offence…like I said it was a joke and were just a group of kids) dez gives him a sort of snobby look and says “ur just saying tht cuz u want to be in the army and u think that the army is better than the marines” …. “no!” he tells her “I don’t want to be in the army!” …”the air force” I say without noticing …everyone looked at me like they didnt know I was listening….I was and I know for a fact that steven whats to be in the air force…I don’t know if u’ve noticed but…I really like him so of course I would know….dez just says whatever and the conversation shifts…not a lot but enough for me to tune it out…I thought steven did too…. until a couple minutes later when I heard his voice again….have you ever liked someone so much that their voice sends chills through you. u love hearing it…you think its adorable……ya well that’s me…so at the time I couldn’t really process what he said until they started fighting….alex had apparently gone all religious on us (like always) and said something “like it didn’t matter because killing people is a sin and blah blah blah…” and the conversation turned into gun policy…and that’s where steven chimed in. he said blaming a gun for killing someone is like blaming a car for killing people. people kill people not guns… I wasn’t in the conversation and I didn’t want to bud in twice so I stayed silent….did I agree with him? we make guns FOR killing don’t we? part of me wanted to agree with him just given the circumstances but I know who I am and im someone with my own opinion….but I don’t have on opinion with gun policy….it seems like everyone who does has a pretty good reason why they do and I don’t…and ya guns are used for hunting but that’s not what the big issue is…..sandy hook….the freak at that movie theater…that’s what the issue is…so what are the killers …guns or people…now I know if those people didn’t have guns they wouldn’t shoot anyone but they could still turn into killers…..these are the things that scare me…everyone expects you to “pick a side” but  don’t know enough…I opened my mouth several times to say something to him but I didn’t know what to say… I shut my mouth and took a bite of my sandwich. so what do u think…guns or people?


3 thoughts on “Guns or People ?

  1. It’s people. And not guns are not made to kill people they are made to defend people. And your examples suffice because I each of the the tragedy was resolved with guns as well. Tens of thousand of thousands of violent crimes are stopped every year with guns. Far more crimes are prevented than committed with guns every year, but the media does not report that sort of thing. The numbers are clear and easy to find but the truth is far less fashionable

    • I’m glad u brought that up. It is just yet another factor in this big disscusion. I have no doubt that crime is stopped by guns although I dont veiw wiki answers a credible source, I’m sure the information is out there for those who are willing to look.

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